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Safety and Discipline Policy 

In order to maintain the highest standard of safety on the ice and to ensure adequate working conditions for all skaters, it is expected that all skaters will abide by the following rules. These rules will be enforced reasonably by board members and the coaches. Any infraction may warrant an initial warning. Any serious infraction will result in a skater being suspended for the remainder of the day

  1. No drinks, food or gum are permitted at the ice level. 
  2. Only water bottles are acceptable. 
  3. To prevent accidents, skaters must keep moving during all skating sessions. When a fall occurs, skaters are encouraged to get up immediately. 
  4. Inappropriate language on or off the ice (in the dressing room) will not be tolerated. 
  5. Be courteous to your fellow skaters. Please share the ice. Be careful not to step in front of others, and vie the right-of-way to others when appropriate. The skater whose free skate music is being played has the first right of way, next is the skater having a lesson. 
  6. Respond immediately and courteously to directions of the coaches or ice captain.
  7. Do not leave valuables of any kind in the dressing rooms. Skate Stony Mountain cannot assume any liability for loss. 
  8. Skaters unable to attend a session must notify their coach. 
  9. Skaters are expected to be on time for their sessions. 
  10. Extra sessions may be bought, if room allows.  
  11. Skaters must receive permission from a coach to leave the ice during a session. 
  12. All skaters participating in group skills as schedules, unless excused by a coach. 
  13. Appropriate skating attire must be worn on the ice at all times. 
  14. Kleenex must be disposed of properly in a garbage container. 
  15. Guards must be worn off the ice to protect the blades. 
  16. Skaters are asked to have their music available  
  17. Dressing rooms must be cleared of any debris after each session.